Church Notices:


On Sunday 19th June at the 11.00am Mass we will celebrate the First Holy Communion in our Parish. It is hoped that the children will come dressed in their First Holy Communion dresses and suits. After the First Communion we will have a little parish party. Everyone is invited to this parish event. There will be an additional Mass on 19th June at 9.30am if you don’t want to join the First Communion Mass.


On Sunday 19th June the 11am Mass will end with a Corpus Christi Procession led by those children of our parish who have made their First Holy Communion. All are welcome. At all Masses over this weekend those who serve as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion will be recommissioned at the Mass that they attend.

JUBILEE CELEBRATION BBQ: (written By Michael Fitzpatrick)

The parish gathered last Sunday to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years on the throne. In the newly decorated hall our church community and our neighbours came together to share food and friendship. “Jeff the Chef” worked the grill tirelessly and Fr. Saji arrived with cauldrons of his specialty curries. The ladies of the Hospitality Team brought the decorations to life with flags and bunting and they kept the teapots and the coffee urn always full. There were more donated celebration cakes than the gathering could finish. Through the voluntary contributions of those attending, all costs were covered and there was enough surplus money to send £100 to Mary’s Meals charity. This event was clear evidence of the Holy Spirit motivating everyone. There was no planning committee. Nobody was in charge and there was no Action Plan. Memories of the Early Church in Jerusalem, living and working in harmony?


Redecoration of the church hall and coffee room is now complete. Walls, roof and trim all have a fresh coat of paint in bright, pastel colours. And the burden on parish finances is ZERO! Several donors shared the cost of materials and labour, so as they wish to remain anonymous, we should offer prayerful thanks for those generous individuals. May God bless them!


The raffle held during the Jubilee BBQ yielded £380 for the AED project, which brought us to the target amount to apply for a 50% matching grant from Wiltshire County. The Council will consider our grant application on June 30th .


Our parish Primary School has returned from half-term holiday and they will resume their attendance at Tuesday morning Mass in the church each week. A new Deputy Head Teacher, Mrs. Sophie Short, has been recruited. The Senior Leadership Team from St. Osmond’s primary school, Salisbury, is completing its support function at CTK Primary in September and the staff of CTK will continue to build the school’s reputation and performance towards a ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted. Colourful banners can be seen in Amesbury town centre, promoting the school.