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Church Notices:


Sea Sunday is an opportunity for us to remember and say prayers for all the brave men and women who work at sea to make sure we have all that we need. For seafarers, life at sea can be extremely challenging. They are often far from their families and loved ones for long periods of time, working long hours, and facing the threats of accidents, piracy, and harsh weather conditions. And when they come into port in a foreign land, they know no one. Amid these challenges, Stella Maris provides a beacon of hope and support to seafarers. Its chaplains and volunteers offer the hand of friendship and listen to the concerns of the seafarers they meet. They help seafarers to contact their families back home, take them to Mass, or arrange for a priest to come on board, provide transport to local shops, and help to resolve problems of missing pay or substandard conditions. Sea Sunday was on 14th July this year. Let us pray for seafarers, fishers, and the work of Stella Maris. Let us remember especially those seafarers who are sailing through conflict zones and those who have been abandoned in distant lands. To find out more about Sea Sunday, please visit: https://stellamaris.org.uk/seasunday/  There will be a Second Collection for the worthy cause of Seafarers this weekend.


Next Monday the church celebrates
the feast of Mary Magdalene, who was one of the initial witnesses to the resurrection. Mary Magdalene is known as the“Apostle to the Apostles” in that she did not waver in the aftermath of the resurrection but brought the message of a Risen Christ to many. Ponder the way that Mary must have felt when she recognised Jesus, her friend, who she thought was gone forever. Imagine how her grief was transformed to great joy when she experienced the Risen Lord.

SAINTS JOACHIM AND ST ANNE-(Grand-parents day)

The Church commemorates the parents of the Virgin Mary, Saints Joachim and Anne on Friday 26th July. The couple’s faith and perseverance brought them through the sorrow of childlessness, to the joy of conceiving and raising the immaculate and sinless woman who would give birth to Christ.


Mass is the central act of worship in the life of a Catholic. Coming to Mass is about spending time with God and the community at an appointed time each Sunday. Of course, there are occasional reasons why being late is unavoidable but routinely we should ndeavour to be on time for the most important appointment of our week out of respect for Our Lord and courtesy to those around us.


There is no issue if you legitimately cannot get to Mass. BUT… please remember this. The truthfulness of your assertion that you CANNOT get to a church is going to be judged by our God who knows us to the depth of our being. If you are not completely accurate in your assessment, you will have to carry its consequences. For example: Can you get away to go shopping for personal items? Can you join others on an occasional trip to a bar or restaurant for some social time away from the park? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, you cannot legitimately say that getting to Mass is impossible. Please take the time and try to look deeply into the realities of your situation, as the consequences might be far more serious than you might expect.


Confessions are held on Saturdays from 5:00 -5:40 p.m. and other times by request only. You are always free to make an appointment with the priest to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Visits to the Sick

If you cannot come to church because of illness, please be sure that we are notified so that we might minister to you either at home, hospital, or nursing or care homes. Because of confidentiality issues, we cannot come to you unless
requested to do so by you or your family.

Sunday Homily from Bishop Robert Barron

To watch and listen click on Barron’s Homily on our main menu above.


For the pastoral care of the sick.

We pray that the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick confer to those who receive it and their loved ones the power of the Lord and become ever more a visible sign of compassion and hope for all.


Children’s Liturgy is off for the summer (July 14th through September 1), resuming on September 9th. During our 11am Sunday Mass. Children’s Liturgy is an opportunity for our young members to hear an age appropriate reading of the gospel and do an activity to break open the scripture at their level. All children, 4, 5, and 6 years old are welcome. Children younger than 4 are invited to attend with a parent.


I would like to offer our gratitude and appreciation to those who donate flowers for the Church each week. Some people donate money towards buying flowers, others bring flowers from their garden (fruits or produce of their labour) and others buy flowers and arrange them to beautify the Church. In the Bible we see Abel offering a “more acceptable sacrifice” in faith. And what makes Abel’s sacrifice better? “Abel brought of the firstlings of his flock and
of their fat portions” (Gen. 4:4a). That is, he offered the first borns, the very best of what he has. But Cain doesn’t offer God the first fruits of his harvest. (this reminds me of those who donate flowers for the church from their gardens) Our sincere thanks to Jo Chambers, Ann Larke, Helen Musgrove-Wilson and D’ Rozario Francis for their generosity of hearts and love for the Church. Thank you and God bless you and your families!


Making plans for the summer? Make sure to plan for your offertory as well! When your summer travels take you away from Sunday services, eGiving lets you continue to support our church and the ministries you cherish. You can sign up from your computer, smartphone or tablet, and set up a recurring donation or make a one-time gift. Recurring gifts sustain our parish through the busy summer months. You’ll provide us with consistent support, even if you’re away on a Sunday, so the programmes, services, and ministries that mean so much to our community will never miss a beat. You can sign up online as well. You’ll provide us with consistent support that helps us always be at the ready with programmes, services, and ministries for our church families and for those in need throughout the
community. Thank you for your continued support of our parish family.


A big thank you for all your generous donations, which are greatly appreciated. If anyone would like to transfer to standing order or bank transfer, this would help to simplify our banking procedure. The Parish bank details are: Name: Christ the King Church, Amesbury, Bank: NatWest Account number 66286638 and Sort code-52-10-03.

If you wish to remember the Parish in your Will, further information is available from the Parish Office.